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As teens set out on their journey of independence, they need a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and plans to reduce their risk behind the wheel. Quality driver education is a critical element in developing safe driving attitudes, improving hazard recognition, and managing visibility, time, and space in traffic. AAA plays a key role in preparing teens for this journey by offering the How to Drive Online supplemental program which delivers rules and essential elements of safe driving in an interactive and innovative way. This online program–aims to ensure that safe driving habits are developed and maintained for life. As a leader in driver safety for more than 75 years, you can trust AAA to help keep drivers safe.

Course Features:



This 25 hour course features:
Available on mobile devices

  • Convenient and self-paced delivery
  • The most up-to-date information from scientifically validated sources
  • Innovative delivery including video, synchronous presentations, simulations and interactive exercises to enhance content retention
  • Also available, an optional virtual parent session designed to educate parents on the learning to drive process.

Your Trusted Partner

AAA has been America’s trusted partner for over 100 years when it comes to automobiles, so why go anywhere else for defensive driving? Our courses have been created for your utmost convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Start AAA’s Online Novice Driver Education supplemental course today.

*How to Drive Online is not officially approved by the state and is a supplemental course

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